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Lesson 1: Overcoming your Financial Obstacles
  • Learn what’s keeping you from being more and having more.
  • Get honest with what you have and you don’t have.
  • Establish your new financial goals.
  • Create the financial life you want.
Lesson 2: Be Debt-Free
  • The fastest way to get out of debt.
  • Be smart about which debt to pay first.
  • What you need to know about Student Loan debt.
  • Get as much pleasure saving as you do spending.
Lesson 3: Retirement Rules
  • Learn the most important factor in having money in retirement.
  • Why a 401k may not be the best option.
  • Learn which retirement account Suze wants you to have.
  • Checklist of retirement mistakes to avoid.
Lesson 4: Invest for Success
  • Understand how to avoid fees on your stocks and bonds.
  • Learn a simple solution to predict percentages to invest.
  • Know essential questions to ask your Financial Advisor.
  • Discover the best financial advisor and why.
Lesson 5: Big Ticket Items: Buying a Car or Home
  • Learn what you can afford before purchasing a car.
  • Four tips to prepare for buying a home.
  • Play house and learn Suze’s home buying rules.
Lesson 6: Making Finances a Family Affair
  • Learn how to talk to your kids about money.
  • Review the best ways to save for a college education.
  • Learn six tips for lending to a family member.
Lesson 7: The Must Have Documents & Insurance
  • The 4 Must Have Documents every single one of you needs.
  • Choosing the right Life Insurance, the only one Suze recommends.
  • How to lower your home and car insurance premiums.

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